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Healthy Lifestyle


Chiropractic care is an essential part of having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, just like eating right, exercising regularly, getting good quality sleep, and minimizing stress.  

Chiropractic for Lifelong Wellness

We live our life through the nervous system, which continually perceives the world around us and directs the body to adapt to the physical, emotional and chemical changes around us.  When the spine shifts (dysfunction and restriction) it can compromise the nervous system, which interferes with its ability to regulate, coordinate and heal.  This can lead to a downward spiral in physical comfort, emotional stability and overall wellness.  Rather than merely chasing symptoms, chiropractors focus on that neuro-spinal relationship, restoring normal function and allowing the body to work the way it's supposed to work.




Adult Care

Common reasons adults seek chiropractic care:

  • anxiety & stress

  • poor sleep quality

  • neck & back pain

  • headaches 

  • sports injuries 

  • effects of poor posture


Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Common reasons for perinatal chiropractic care:

  • pelvic alignment & balance

  • better comfort (less pain & better sleep)

  • support changes in body

  • Webster Technique 

  • better baby positioning

  • easier birth & faster recovery


Pediatric Care

Common reasons parents gets their babies & kids checked:

  • support normal development

  • improved sleep

  • breastfeeding/latch issues

  • colic 

  • postural asymmetries & growing pains 

  • improved immune function

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Patient Success Stories

“Dr. Jen was absolutely amazing!  I had never been to a chiropractor before, and to be honest was terrified.  But my first experience was wonderful!  She eased my concerns and actually made the process very enjoyable!  I could not have been more please and now I get really excited every time I get to go see her!

Emily S.

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